Mullet Turtle Comics

Mullet Turtle Comics showcases humorous comics, cartoons, and other assorted weird content within self-published zines and books. All content is written and illustrated by Steve Steiner. His loving wife helps with editing and their lazy cat doesn’t help at all.

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Steve Steiner

Steve Steiner is a very prolific creator of humorous and weird comic publications in Ohio. He graduated Columbus College of Art and Design in 2004. Since then, he has cartooned and worked for several small newspapers in Western Pennsylvania and for The Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, Ohio. Steve and his wife, Jennifer, currently reside in Ohio with their secret serial killer cat, Kali.

"There’s never been a time in my life when comics and cartoons haven’t directly influenced my work. I spend hours everyday making comics and zines. I’ve always been attracted to not only the graphic nature of the art, but also the opportunity to infuse life into a character. The love affair with the illustrative medium began at a young age. Like most kids, I became fascinated by superhero comics. Their sprawling mythologies and larger than life champions and villains inspired me to come up with my own similar creations. It was frustrating for me, though, as I felt my drawings never lived up to that enhanced reality. It wasn’t until later when I found MAD Magazine that I realized I could embrace the natural humor and goofiness that was already developing in my own art."