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Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man

The Crocodile Man is normal in every way. He's got a boring job, a deadbeat roommate, and an insatiable appetite for fresh rats. Join this eternally confused mutant on his journey through our strange human civilization. Not only will the lovable Croc Man not let "The Man" get him down, but also all of mankind.


Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs

There was once a very rotund man, so girth his massive gut hung out of his too tight t-shirt, who declared to me that he was going to eat 50 hardboiled eggs in one hour. His heart gave out 34 eggs in and he died in my arms. My comic, Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs, is dedicated to his memory. Please heed it's message that only a person with a death wish would ever dare attempt to eat 50 eggs.


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